Worm Food

Afriquoi: Abobo Nation Part 1

UK afro electronic pioneers Afriquoi present Abobo Nation Part 1, their second full release on Wormfood, following on from the success of their September 2015 debut album ‘Kolaba’. 

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Afriquoi have developed a name for themselves across the world for their fusion of music from across Africa with forward-thinking, UK electronic dance music. Not restricted to one country or style, the essence of the project is collaboration. Avoiding the usual African diaspora formula of one charismatic African vocalist backed by a band of local boys, this is a truly pan-African, pan-global project, with regular members hailing from Congo, Gambia, Jamaica and the UK, and bringing in guests on this record from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and the UK.

Drawing on a diverse range of African and UK electronic styles, Abobo Nation Part 1 is a futuristic fusion of uplifting vocals, syncopated rhythms and powerful synth arrangements, with an impressive array of guest vocalists.