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Kasai Masai

Traditional sound of remote equatorial African villages, with an urban twist.

…Kasaï Masaï successfully marry a respect for vintage grooves with an overwhelming urge to move the dance floor. This is the sound of the old and the new, of the countryside and the city, from deep in the heart of Africa…” Nige Tassell – Reading Womad Festival

Based in London, Kasaï Masaï plays ancestral music passed from generation to generation and is rooted in the healing power of percussion and chanting combined with the majestic sound of the Congolese folk guitar. Kasaï Masaï is a 5 piece outfit, consisting of djembe, guitar, saxophone, bass and drum.

To add that extra exotic touch they are also joined occasionally by two female dancers! It is led by percussionist, singer and dancer, Voodoo King Nickens Nkoso. Nickens is a well known figure in the world music circuit who has worked alongside international Congolese artists including Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Kanda Bongoman, Mose Fan Fan and Samba Mapangala.

Audiences find themselves on their feet, moving toward the dance floor with an uncontrollable shaking of their hips…..