Worm Food

K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana)

Dancefloor Shaman

Born in Ghana, resident in Sheffield, K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) is a prolific writer and virtuosic performer, comfortable across a wide range of styles from house and afrobeats to afro funk, dancehall and jungle, electrifying live audiences with his wildly energetic stage presence and smashing every studio session out of the park on his recorded output. Though known for his incredible vocal performances and deep, personal songwriting, K.O.G is also a talented arranger and percussionist, from balafon and djembe to his trademark dinner tray.

As well as being the leader of much-loved 8 piece afro-funk outfit K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade, he is  the lead singer of the acclaimed Onipa project (with Nubiyan Twist MD Tom Excell) with forthcoming collaborations with Afriquoi, Congo Natty, Umoja, iZem, Bad Milk, Jus Now and The Busy Twist.

K.O.G is available for guest vocalist collaborations as well as for his consummate solo show. All enquiries: andre@wormfood.co.uk