Worm Food

Mr Woodnote, Lil Rhys & Eva Lazarus ALBUM LAUNCH / Nomad Collective / Charlie Bones / Ink Project / Grand Wa Zoo / Bafula / Marvradio + more


Wormfood + Turf (the team behind the amazing Terrace Party series at the POW) combine once again to bring you a spectacular combination of live music drawing on aspects of jazz, hiphop and African music.

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Tickets: bit.ly/1FMWJ9T

:::::::::: Music:
Mr Woodnote, Lil Rhys & Eva Lazarus
Nomad Collective
Charlie Bones (NTS)
Ink Project
Grand Wa Zoo
Marv Radio
Monster Playground
Cervo (Banana Hill)

:::::::::: Mr Woodnote, Lil Rhys & Eva Lazarus

The Bristol supergroup famed for their concoction of looped up, souped up beats, bass and saxlines straight from the streets of Bristol, with vocal powerhouse Eva Lazarus up front delivering attitude and realness by the bucketload. Expect a super sized show packed full of new material for this London album launch special!

:::::::::: Nomad Collective

Nomad Collective is a London-based group mixing Cuban rhythms with funk, rock guitars, heavy grooves and jazz improvisation. The band features musicians from Cuba, Iran and the UK; Nomad Collective mix genres and grooves to create a sound which is uniquely their own.

:::::::::: Charlie Bones (NTS)

The man behind the “Do!! You!!!” show on legendary internationally-focussed London radio station NTS, Charlie Bones packs one of the most expansive record collections in the business – expect big, invigorating dance floor friendly stuff.

:::::::::: Ink Project

Live electronic soul trio with heavy Radio 1 support from Gilles Peterson, Nemone, Don Letts, MistaJam and NME/Red Bull Music Academy Radio support from Emma Warren and a whole heap of momentum behind them. Catch them while you can.

:::::::::: Grand Wa Zoo

Taking their inspiration from 90s hip-hop, with a three pronged vocal attack from lyrical tag team Jay, Ryo and the brilliant Lili Caseley bringing the sweet stuff, Grand Wa Zoo are quite simply the most on point hip-hop crew in the current surge of quality seeping out of the capital.

:::::::::: Bafula

Bafula are a London group blending the melodies and rhythms of Gambia with western styles and natural raw-edged vocals to create a unique and intoxicating concoction of traditional Mandinka folk, funk, rock, jazz and classical music.

:::::::::: Marv Radio

A rapping, singing, beatboxing, looping and sound healing force of nature, combining his skills to make what he describes as “Hip Hop Healing”. Whether on stage, teaching a workshop, performing a sound therapy session or in the studio, he brings the positivity.

:::::::::: Monster Playground

Two man team of producers with the aim to report all the best sides of music and art from across the globe. Expect soul, hip-hop, international rhythms and everything good in between.

:::::::::: Mogadisco

MogaDisco comprises four musical collectors, all with a passion for the sounds of Africa. Having put on a number of successful nights in London & Manchester they’re bringing their collection to you!

:::::::::: Cervo (Banana Hill)

Banana Hill is fast becoming one of the most respected, forward looking clubnights in the north of England, expect nothing short of the finest and freshest selections from head honcho Cervo.